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Underground Utilities Construction

From commercial, retail, warehouse, multi-family housing, industrial, storage facilities, site development, and public infrastructure  Native Services has successfully completed numerous underground utilities projects including water line and fire line projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Licensed in Installation, Modification, and Repair Services of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water line and fire line utilities in both private and public sectors.

  • Storm Sewer Systems

    • Site Drainage Systems
    • Manholes
    • Inlets
    • Junction Boxes
    • Storm Pump Stations
    • Storm Water Quality Systems
    • Open Detention Systems
    • Buried Detention Systems
    • Culverts / SET’s / Headwalls
    • Sand / Oil Separators
    • French Drains
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems

    • Sewer Collection Systems
    • Manholes
    • Lift Stations
    • Grease Traps
  • Water Systems

    • Domestic Water Systems
    • Fire Water Systems
    • Meters
    • Backflows
    • Remote FDC Connections
    • Fire Hydrants


Committed To Superior Quality And Results

Core 7 specializes in all types of underground construction,

including commercial, industrial, multi-family, and municipal projects. We take pride in our expertise and ability to complete quality projects in a timely manner. With over 20 years of experience and strong local relationships, Core 7 delivers above and beyond our client expectations for every project.

Choose Core 7. Choose the Best.

While Core 7 has many competitors, there are few competitors that share our values of excellence, ethics, safety, leadership, and teamwork. Our clients believe in Core 7 because they trust the job will get done right the first time. From pre-planning to completion, we meet or beat milestones to provide unparalleled underground utilities construction service.
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