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Core 7 provides commercial and industrial site development, as well as urban redevelopment services.

Providing Commercial and Industrial Sitework in urban and rural areas for both private and governmental organizations.

Sitework Services Includes:

Core7 has the proven ability to take on the largest site development projects. Providing Sitework Services for both industrial and large commercial projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, Core7 is equipped with the best heavy-duty machinery and highly skilled employees. You can rely on Core7 for all your Sitework needs.

Core7’s capabilities and equipment enable them to undertake Sitework projects of any size. Well-resourced, Core7 possesses not only the necessary resources but also a track record of experience and a history that your organization can depend on for your Sitework project.


With projects spanning from Texas to Oklahoma and Louisiana, Core7 has the expertise and capacity to successfully complete any Sitework Project your organization requires. Core7 is recognized as one of the top site development contractors in the industry today.

About Sitework

Site preparation can be demolition (both above and below ground), soil clearing, soil testing, site plan designs, zoning restrictions, environmental concern and coordinating how everything on the project should run. Preparing your site properly in the beginning means a much safer, more productive working environment, and a total project that is up to standard and in code.


  • Site Clearing
  • Site Surveying
  • Site Testing for Drainage and Septic
  • Site Plan Design
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation
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